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Style features
First,   European style  

wedding is coming from Europe and America, but European-style wedding is best suited for wedding photo frame features. Now new people, no matter what kind, will choose a European-style white dress. Noble, elegant, stately, romantic, classic is a feature of European style. After years of development, European-style from the early days of blindly copying and props from within, into a texture, delicate and artistic atmosphere of light and shadow on the image building. European-style lighting, tone, texture, clothing, design, props at all levels reflects the classic, elegant and sophisticated. Thick warm colors and striking features of the cubic profile continental alone.

art of European-style, to borrow a wedding conception and technique, Western classics story or movie scenes, shaping a noble, elegant and personal photo. Like Hepburn, Princess of dreams, Angels and other.

Second, the   Chinese-style  

Chinese style due to different historical periods, ethnic and cultural differences and takes on a different topic types, age can be roughly divided into classic, dress, green clothing. There is another special drama, sexy, etc. Chinese classical pictures full of cultural connotations and artistic atmosphere. China has a long history of history and profound Chinese culture is in style as the inexhaustible source of creation, should focus on the Chinese element in the creative process with Chinese characteristics. In our topic of the core-drawing, creative ideas come from Liao Zhai Zhi Yi Yi-painted, modeling and scene have emphasized the environment characteristics and the shaping of the story in the Ming dynasty. Again, such as the scent of God is the rich flavour of Tibetan Buddhism theme, the hide is Mongolia the Princess theme.

third, the   Korean style  

Korean style beautiful, romantic, pure, elegant, refined looks. Images simple, clean, light and shades mellow, low saturated colors occupy the entire screen. Korean style photography, focusing on capturing natural expressions and dynamic. Fine clothing details, character design is simple and pure, the tone is deep, composition, light, and highlights.

four,   painting style  

painting style first appeared in the history of photography is photography school. Painting style of photography is an imitation of painting and the search, the goal is to make their style is closer to painting or other forms of painting. Pictorial photography is not just on the surface of painting simple, imitate, but to take its meaning, and using secondary creation by means of photography, works to reflect the subjective ideas and in-depth description of the subject of the photographer. Painting style can be generally divided into painting on the theme style painting painting painting style from tone can be divided into a light color, the color and similar colors. Picture Styles give the feeling of beautiful, serene and meaningful.

painting painting style emphasizes the image of the icing, a sense of the size and weight of the object. Take oil painting, should make more reference to some classic paintings, carefully study the colors, lighting, costumes, look, to desirable elements used in the shooting. Phoenix still photography in the picturesque style, work a lot, and the technology is mature. Such as the Sissi, the night elves, snow white and other.

the Freehand brushwork of Chinese paintings and paintings about the spirit of germinal, blank check and a unique mood. Meticulous, delicate and exquisite colors, decorative effects, focus on the plain and subtle changes of color. Attention to ideas in the creation of Chinese painting, emphasis on the pen that is thinking. Shaw seems informal to the surface on the model, and emphasizes "good in between like and unlike" and "not like". The image to convey the image of expression, charm and the artist's subjective feeling into the thrust. These artistic conception and expression can be used in painting photography. Such as chicken, green clothes of the oiran series.

five,   exotic style

exotic style is strictly speaking belongs to the broad class of people, but in our Phoenix are Visual, this series is focused on, is our specialty. Exquisite exotic clothing, jewelry, and exquisite lighting, creating a visual difference in time and space, to provide customers with complete set of exotic cultural fad. Chicken vision's favorite theme of the year of the bird of the wind sing belong to this series. Topics in this series as well as the Suns of Arqa, Cocoon and other.

six,   imitation of external style  

imitation of exterior style theme is an important form of photography, is also practical, applied strong type of photograph. Strong sense of fashion, and called the new wedding dress or a new couple. Imitation of exterior style clothing colorful, contrasting, often using props, or vintage or fashion or Korean style, imitating styles can ignore the weather, regional, seasonal and other factors, to provide customers with a more comfortable shooting. Phoenix still photography in the first half of 2011, all wedding int will basically be like outside the subject, optional.

seven,   plot style  

certain plot plot style, focusing on creating atmosphere and the characteristics of the times. When the season's movie, television drama is drama style of creativity and the market selling point. Film and television-style photography with blockbuster movies released, publicity and TV hit and easy to be accepted by everyone. Plot style can be used when shooting film language and expression, such as light and shadow to create, move the connection changes, different perspectives, and plot. As the now popular with the theme of happiness as flowers.

eight,   fashion series

fashion is not a kind of style, business portraits, fashion is the most important factor. Here said the series of fashion photography, is the fashion or street or landscape or set construction. Fresh and natural makeup style, light transparent, for aesthetic purposes, commonly used for personal photo.

photographic style definition, there is no absolute division. Like the Suns of Arqa is national style, also use painting techniques to represent. New location many packages are also used in Korean costume and scene selection. Unnecessary styles, beauty of form is the most important. Photo shoot happy, according to play a role, our portrait photography, is to reach the ideal, we will, through our professional technology and dedicated service to help guests reach their aspirations, if possible, more willing to go beyond ideal.

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