Revolutionary Fuji camera is surely the pursuit

The revolutionary X-Trans CMOS camera is dreaming of wedding photography studio cameras, people who might not understand this line for this brand is very strange, but for wedding photography studio, the soul of a good camera photography, which Fuji perfect camera is very good, why wedding photography studio to select it? Here we look at the camera.

     revolutionary X-Trans CMOS color color filter array sensors fundamentally resolve the moirĂ©. Arranged by enhanced array of non-periodic (disorder), color color filters reduce significantly reduces the moirĂ© and noise generation, which will not need the optical low-pass filter in the lens enables the X-Trans CMOS sensor to capture complete and "unfiltered" lens.

EXR Processor Pro is supported by integrated coprocessor, with higher speed and more precise image processing performance.

     hybrid viewfinder has an optical viewfinder and switch between the electronic viewfinder features, can meet the needs of replaceable lenses. When installing the XF series lens, lens data and X-Pro1 traffic, and will automatically switch the viewfinder magnification (two) and frame sizes (several). Viewed from the viewfinder allows you to concentrate all attention on the subject. Easy way of shooting is back to shooting fun is an important step. Shots of every change can be shown to be captured by a brave new world.

    X-Pro1 can simulate the purpose of photographers like the film brands, colors and tones, just as the creative direction for you to choose the most perfect film: close to the scene of PROVIA, natural colors; colors vibrant, color-saturated Velvia and with silky soft skin and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA.   Film simulation modes make taking pictures easier, the rich heritage left by Fuji film technology also presents a rich and expressive color quality.

     simply use the camera pan, X-Pro1 will be able to capture several images and seamless as a panoramic image.   Even extended to A3 size, and no loss of resolution with the naked eye.   Vertical grip or hold the camera and move the Pan function allows you to "s" or "l" angle shooting.

    has such a camera, no matter where you go to a wedding photography studio, can make very beautiful wedding pictures, because this camera brings us not only images, but rather bring us an infinite mind.


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