Custom wedding dress needs to pay attention to what

Tailored for your wedding is the most important thing each woman to marry, wedding dress is appropriate yourself a discerning eye will know, affects any one detail of the wedding dress the bride will show their charms to the fullest. So, below is show you how to customize a wedding company wedding dress. Let you know what is really a tailor!

     customized wedding dress of the bride should have started first from his own body, short neck or double chin is more suitable for v-neck or round neck style, matching long necklace, strapless style. But for the high necklines or COWL NECK style, with ring necklace, with turndown collar coat dress had better not go to elections.

     If you're shoulders wide, had better choose a sleeveless style, avoid the use of shoulder pads. Not be selected as v-neck or round neck, thin straps wedding dress.

     If you are a bit biased towards shoulder oblique or thin you should choose a shoulder-advances, lanterns or sheep spleen sleeves and shoulders with a decorative flower, such as fold, trim, wide shoulder straps wedding dress.  

     washboard or chest small, flat on the choice of bride for Wai have ruffles or floral designs, the upper part of crisp texture of cloth, with jackets wedding dresses, wedding dresses with a chest pad, chest pin flower button dress. But try not to match the elegant, simple style of the torso, low neckline, upper body lining thin and no chest pad dress.

      chest relatively full bride it is best to choose the color of darker material, the upper part of wide open style, straight yarn styles, moderate neckline wedding dresses. Those shiny material, to extend the length of necklace across the chest, sleeve chest length style, chest flower button style wedding dress should be at arm's length.

     the saying goes well, hip Golden bear, but to match the wedding dress for the bride, gluteus maximus still have a big impact, so for gluteus maximus brides can be equipped with shoulder-pads in order to balance the upper body lines, skirt with straight seams, color dark cloth, focuses on superior is decorated with a red herring.  

     Yao Ming-like elevations of each woman will be daunting, too high with clothes is very difficult! Therefore, the bride was too high, suitable for loose fitting style, straight lines, elegant style, dark-colored material, with slightly exaggerated decorations and flat shoes, moderate to low cut necklines, towering hair and headdress. But it's best to avoid tight, stripes, served with Ruffles or Lotus-Lantern sleeves, shiny fabrics. Wedding wishes you picked belong to another earlier "husband"-like wedding dresses.


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