Wedding photography gift must not be neglected in art problem

Selection of films, art, present these issues, in wedding photography, many people will not pay attention to, or even think it is a problem that can be ignored. Of course, this is not desirable, in wedding photography, each part is very important and cannot be ignored. If these problems do not, wedding photo frame effect will be greatly reduced. Next, we will look at how to do these problems:


     selection problems and art:

    1  selection of films, porn is best can spare is parallelism option and without outside interference.

    2  photos are not satisfied, then under what circumstances can a remake.

    3  If not satisfied with the photo color, to request your free washing again.  

    4  first big photo and family oriented, zoom, relatives and friends, such as cards, thank, to truth on this election

    5  set before loading, it will first look at the film and art, if not satisfied, is it can do it for free

    6  require pick porn has no time limit and the limit on the number of


     gifts, lent items section

     gift and loaned items seem to matter, and we should also be careful care.

    1. Gift sections: 1. zoom in as  2. annual photo  3. jewellery box  4. box  5. stand photo frame  6 ... thank  7.  8. family and friends card

     photo wedding invitation  /  handheld porn   /  VIP signature silk  /  in-laws  /  fan  /  mother  /cracker  /  wedding wedding  /  wedding ceremony &Nbsp;/  small silk flower  /  gloves  /bouquet and groom  /  corsage/  handlebar flower/  Bridal Gloves    

    2.   Take part: earrings, necklaces, Veil, bag, rabbit fur shawl, celebrity car color, bet box easel,  flower girl dress  ,  dresses, placing amplifier according to the easel. Complete dress jewelry (earrings, necklaces, mantillas, rabbit fur shawl), celebrity Che Cai, charge box easel, enlarge pictures to understand what security deposit required.

    3.   Gifts would you like to post prices, such as sending invitations to additional plate charge.


     wedding photography that is listed above in the selection of films, gifts, lent and so on, must advance and Studio aware, clearly set out in the contract, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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